3LHR045 – Bravo (BR) – Cokee


We start 2012 by bringing you the talented Brazilian duo, Bravo (BR), with Cokee as their debut EP.

Cokee (Original Mix), the track that gives the name of the EP, was inspired by the industrial production
lines with sounds that alludes the working machines and equipment. All of these are wrapped in a deep
percussive groove spiced up by some great ethnic percussions.

The Ricky Ambilotti remix of “Cokee” comes with the same “bouncy” groove and great energy that we are used
to by now. The remix features great punchy percussive synths perfectly constructed to build up the track
constantly, accompanied by energizing breaks, FX and a hypnotic soundscape.

The third track from the EP represents a trip in the jungle, an escape from the big city
pressure in search of the “Inspiron” in nature. The track comes with some strong tribal percussive elements and vocal samples on top of a punchy minimal groove.


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