3LHR048 – Black Sheep – Brohood

These two tracks are to us the expression of friendship and brotherhood, but also choices of life.

The first one, ‘Walk or die’ tries to introduce the vision of one life; continuous, progressive and monotone but where mistakes are not tolerated. A succession of loops through out life cycle on which a languishing melody comes to prettify the gloom of this daily routine.

‘D’Almeida’, the second track, is presented to our best friend to tell him that he is of our family circle.Élysée is a successful blend of Togolese and Brazilian ethical origins and is to us the image of exoticism that we translated by this sunny track.

Tribal rhythms and ‘breaky’ rolls make of ‘D’Almeida’ a real opposite to the first one, but in a nice and different way to express two paradoxical visions of life, chiaroscuro.


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