3LHR049 – Ricky Ambilotti – Tik Tak MMXII


Ricky Ambilotti brings back his trademark bounce with a new dynamic release that reminds us of the successful “Construkt” back in 2009.

“Tik Tak MMXII” was inspired by the supposedly Mayan calendar predicting the end of the world in December 2012 and using the narration of Jason Brock.

The message of the track was used purely artistic and it doesn’t constitute in the label or artist’s opinion.

Besides the original mix and the instrumental mix , the release also contains two acapella tracks with lifetime exclusivity on Beatport. One more rhythmic, in the context of “Tik Tak MMXII” and another narrative one containing the whole message that wasn’t included in the track.

The message of the track is used purely artistic and it doesn’t constitute as the label’s / artist’s opinions or beliefs.

NOTE that both acapella tracks are intended as Dj tools for live and personal use. In case you intend to use them in personal commercial productions please contact the label for clearance.


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